Beware! Crypto Scammers Exploit Australian Broadcaster’s YouTube with Deepfake Elon Musk


Beware! Crypto Scammers Exploit Australian Broadcaster’s YouTube with Deepfake Elon Musk

In a startling security breach, the YouTube channel of major Australian broadcaster 7News was recently hijacked by crypto scammers. The incident involved the broadcast of deepfake videos featuring a counterfeit Elon Musk promoting fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes. This exploitation not only highlighted vulnerabilities in digital platforms but also underscored the growing sophistication of crypto scams in leveraging popular figures for deceptive purposes.

The Hijacking Incident

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  • How It HappenedOn a fateful day, viewers expecting regular news updates were instead greeted with a convincing deepfake of Elon Musk, supposedly live-streamed from what appeared to be Tesla’s official YouTube channel. The deepfake Musk enthusiastically promoted a classic crypto scam promising to double any cryptocurrency sent to specified addresses.
  • Scope of the AttackThe fraudulent livestreams quickly gained traction, attracting around 150,000 viewers at their peak. However, the actual number of legitimate viewers remains unclear due to the potential involvement of bots artificially inflating viewer counts.
  • Response and ReactionUpon discovering the breach, Seven Network promptly initiated an investigation and collaborated with YouTube to rectify the situation. Despite efforts to regain control, the channel still displayed its verification tick, adding a layer of authenticity to the scam that could mislead unsuspecting viewers.
  • Media and Public AwarenessNews outlets like the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the incident, drawing attention to the broader implications of such cyber attacks, especially in the context of ongoing job cuts within Seven West Media, the parent company of 7News.

The Role of Elon Musk in Crypto Scams

Elon musk

  • Targeting a High-Profile FigureElon Musk’s prominent status in the tech and cryptocurrency communities makes him a prime target for scammers. The appeal lies in his influential persona, which scammers exploit to lend credibility to their fraudulent schemes.
  • Previous InstancesThis incident isn’t an isolated case. Similar scams involving fake Musks proliferated during events like SpaceX’s Starship rocket launch, reflecting scammers’ opportunistic timing to maximize visibility and victim engagement.

The Mechanics of the Scam

  • Modus OperandiThe scam operates on a straightforward promise: send cryptocurrency to a specified address, and receive double the amount in return. Such schemes prey on greed and ignorance, enticing unsuspecting individuals with the allure of quick and effortless financial gains.
  • Technical SophisticationLeveraging deepfake technology enhances the scam’s persuasiveness. Deepfakes, which use artificial intelligence to manipulate audio and video to create realistic simulations of people, blur the line between reality and deception, making it harder for viewers to discern authenticity.

Implications and Lessons Learned

  • Platform VulnerabilitiesThe incident underscores the vulnerabilities inherent in digital platforms like YouTube. Despite efforts to safeguard against fraudulent activities, scammers continue to exploit loopholes, necessitating constant vigilance and proactive measures from platform administrators.
  • Educating the PublicEnhancing public awareness about the prevalence and mechanics of crypto scams is crucial. Educating users about red flags, such as unrealistic promises of financial returns and requests for cryptocurrency transfers, can empower individuals to identify and avoid potential scams.


In conclusion, The hijacking of 7News’ YouTube channel with a deepfake Elon Musk is a stark reminder of the evolving landscape of digital fraud. As technologies like deepfakes become more accessible, combating deceptive practices demands concerted efforts from both platform providers and the public. Vigilance, skepticism, and informed decision-making are indispensable in safeguarding against such scams and preserving the integrity of digital platforms.

As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, staying informed and discerning remains our best defense against exploitation and manipulation of Crypto Scammers.


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