Cryptocurrencies AAVE and CHZ continue to rise in tandem with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies AAVE and CHZ continue to rise in tandem with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum are consolidating their gains, while the AAVE and CHZ rallies are stabilizing below USD 47,500.
The price of Ethereum has fallen below USD 3,400, while the price of XRP has remained stable at around USD 0.85.

Today, CHZ and AAVE are two of the best-performing coins in the world’s top 100.

USD 48,000 was not enough to keep the price of Bitcoin above USD 47,500. A close above the USD 46,200 support level (at 04:53 UTC) is likely to keep it in a strong position for the time being.

Altcoins are consolidating their gains in a similar fashion. Before falling below $3,400, ETH reached a high of $3,480. XRP was unable to break through the USD 0.90 level, and instead slid lower. While trying to hold above the USD 1.20 support level, ADA fell short.

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Bitcoin’s price was under pressure from sellers after rising above the USD 48,000 mark. There was some weakness in BTC’s price near the USD 46,500 level that allowed it to move back up to its previous high of USD 47,000. BTC has lost less than 1% of its value in a single day. Below USD 46,200, the price could fall as low as USD 45,500.

The price could run into resistance near the USD 47,880 mark on the way up. Near the USD 48,000 level, the price could rise above USD 48,200 if it breaks through.

The price of Ethereum

Just below the USD 3,500 resistance level, Ethereum’s price has fallen less than 1% in a day. A correction in the price of ETH saw it fall below the USD 3,400 mark. The USD 3,350 level may serve as a level of support for the price on the downside. If the price falls below USD 3,320, it may not be able to maintain above USD 3,300.There is a possibility that the price will be challenged at around USD 3,440. The USD 3,480 level may serve as the next major hurdle before the price gains further upward momentum.

The value of ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP

Cardano (ADA) has begun a downward correction from the USD 1.245 resistance level.. USD 1.20 and 1.22 support levels were breached. A test of the USD 0.165 support might be in store if the bears continue to exert pressure.

The USD 425 level of support for BNB has been breached. The price may try to test the USD 412 support area if there are any more losses. The short-term resistance at USD 435 lies to the upside.

The price of Solana (SOL) has risen to USD 115. It is currently trading at or below USD 110. There could be a lot of interest in the stock if the price falls below USD 105.

Dozens of DOGE retreated from the USD 0.150 level of resistance. To the USD 0.140 level, it is now heading lower. USD 0.135 represents the next major support level, below which the bears may gain momentum.

There was a short-term spike in XRP price above the USD 0.90 level before a bearish reaction. At the time of this writing, the price is trading at USD 0.85, testing support at USD 0.865. Near USD 0.820, the next significant support will be found.

Today, there are a variety of alternative cryptocurrencies on the market.

NEAR, ETC, WAVES, HBAR, CHZ, RUNE, AAVE, GRT, NEO, and KCS are all up over 5%. Its weekly gains jumped to nearly 50% as CHZ jumped 17%, hit USD 0.31, and reached USD 0.31 on Thursday. At the same time, AAVE gained 25% and passed the USD 220 threshold. Also, the price has risen by 43% in a week.

Overall, the price of bitcoin has stabilised around the $47,000 mark. To begin a new rise, BTC must maintain its current level of USD 46,200. In contrast, it could fall as low as USD 45,500.

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