DeFi Project Spotlight: Abracadabra.Money, DeFi’s Magic Money Spell Book

Key Takeaways Abracadabra.Money is a lending protocol that lets users deposit interest-bearing assets to mint a multi-chain stablecoin called Magic Internet Money. Its lending engine allows for leveraged yield farming by unlocking...Read more »

DeFi Protocol Indexed Finance Suffers $16M Exploit 

Key Takeaways A hacker has drained over $16 million from index pools on Indexed Finance. The exploit worked by tricking the algorithm governing the pools into calculating the pool’s value much lower...Read more »

Fantom Jumps 36% on Geist Finance DeFi Launch 

Share this article The FTM token has put in double-digit gains following the launch of the DeFi protocol Geist Finance.  Geist Finance Launch Boosts Fantom  Fantom has surprised traders with another parabolic...Read more »

DeFi Project Spotlight: Orion Money, the Cross-Chain Stablecoin Bank

Key Takeaways Orion Money is a suite of cross-chain DeFi products providing seamless stablecoin saving, lending, and spending. It leverages Anchor Protocol on Terra to provide a high stable yield across multiple...Read more »

DeFi Exchanges dYdX, Uniswap Soar Amid China Crackdown

Key Takeaways Trading volume on dYdX has skyrocketed to $6.5 billion. Likewise, the DYDX/USD trading pair has recorded a new all-time high. Uniswap has also posted significant gains over the past few...Read more »

Ethereum DeFi Tokens Jump Amid Market Recovery

Share this article Ethereum DeFi tokens are riding a bullish wave.  DeFi Blue Chips Rally  Several of DeFi’s leading projects are soaring.  Curve, Aave, Sushi, and Compound, which all launched on Ethereum,...Read more »

Fantom Rallies 71% as DeFi Ecosystem Expands

Key Takeaways FTM is up over 70% in the last 24 hours as Fantom’s DeFi ecosystem grows. The token has grown by more than 340% in the last 30 days. The total...Read more »

DeFi Project Spotlight: Raydium, Solana’s Top Automated Market Maker

Key Takeaways Raydium is the biggest decentralized exchange on Solana. It aggregates liquidity from its own liquidity pools and Serum’s orderbook. Raydium is also the biggest market maker on Serum and one...Read more »

DeFi Project Spotlight: Ribbon Finance, the Options-Based Yield Generator

Key Takeaways Ribbon Finance offers option-based strategies on BTC, ETH, and USDC with some of the highest yields in DeFi. The higher rewards come with higher risk, as users can lose their...Read more »

DeFi Blue Chips, Polkadot Tokens Plummet in Market Dip

Share this article DeFi blue chips, Polkadot tokens, and dog coins have all reacted to the recent Bitcoin dip, falling as much as 11% over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin Causes DeFi...Read more »