Cryptocurrency payment’s bitcoin dominance & Investment issues in the crypto market 2022

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Advanced technologies in Cryptocurrency & Understanding the hacking issues to find the solutio

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US SEC Issues Warning on Crypto Investment Scams Citing ‘Some Investors May Have FOMO’

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a warning about fraudulent investment schemes involving cryptocurrencies. The regulator notes that some investors may have fear of missing out (FOMO) given the...Read more »

New Jersey’s Order Against Blockfi Extended, Vermont Issues Notice to Crypto Lender

On July 28, Zac Prince, the CEO of crypto finance firm Blockfi, explained that the company has been “engaged in a productive discourse” with U.S. regulators. Prince further said the New Jersey...Read more »

Lithuania Issues Warning to Binance, Warns Investors Crypto Services Are Not Regulated

Binance’s regulatory troubles continue with Lithuania being the latest country to issue a warning about the cryptocurrency exchange. Lithuania’s announcement came one day after Italy issued a similar warning. Lithuania Warns Binance...Read more »

China Shuts Down Software Maker Over Suspected Crypto-Related Activity, Issues Industry-Wide Warning

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Japanese Regulator Issues Warning to Binance

Key Takeaways Japan’s financial regulator has published a formal warning to Binance, the world’s largest exchange. The warning states that Binance engaged as a crypto exchange business without registering with the regulator....Read more »

World Bank Refuses to Help El Salvador Make Bitcoin Legal Tender Citing Environmental and Transparency Issues

The World Bank has refused to provide technical assistance to El Salvador in implementing bitcoin as legal tender. The bank cited bitcoin’s “environmental and transparency shortcomings” as the reason. World Bank Won’t...Read more »