Amid the conflict in Ukraine, Russia is looking to strengthen its Bitcoin and crypto mining industry

Amid the conflict in Ukraine, Russia is looking to strengthen its Bitcoin and crypto mining industry. crypto mining industry : As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country appears to...Read more »

The Finance Ministry has stated that the cost of mining cryptocurrency will not be deductible under the I-T Act.

According to Finance Minister of State Pankaj Chaudhary, the I-T Act does not permit the deduction of infrastructure costs incurred in the mining of cryptocurrencies or other virtual digital assets. Minister of...Read more »

Kazakhstan Expects $1.5 Billion From Crypto Mining in 5 Years, Estimates Suggest

Crypto miners now bring more than $230 million into the economy of Kazakhstan each year and estimates show the figure could increase significantly in the future. The industry’s leading organization has projected...Read more »

Single Mining Farm Needs as Much Power as 24,000 Homes, Kazakhstan Estimates

Authorities in Kazakhstan have calculated the energy used in the country’s crypto mining industry which competes for electricity with other sectors of the economy and households. The government has also estimated the...Read more »

Mining Firm Titan Introduces Lumerin, a Project Aiming to Commodify Bitcoin’s Hashpower

On October 21, the bitcoin mining pool operator Titan revealed a new decentralized hashpower routing protocol called Lumerin. The open-source project aims to commodify bitcoin’s hashpower “through smart contracts, making hashpower tradable.”...Read more »

Local Businesses in New York Urge Governor to Impose Statewide Bitcoin Mining Moratorium

The governor of New York state, Kathy Hochul, has been urged by a group of local companies to deny business permits to bitcoin miners. The letter specifically asks for the “denial of...Read more »

Bitcoin Mining Operation Being Sued for Producing High Noise Levels in Tennessee

A bitcoin mining operation in Tennessee is being sued by neighbors due to the high level of noise the facility produces. The lawsuit, which was filed in August, asks mining operator Red...Read more »

Jack Dorsey Says Square Is Considering Building a ‘Bitcoin Mining System Based on Custom Silicon’

Following the latest report from Cambridge University that shows a large percentage of the Bitcoin network’s hashrate resides in the United States, the CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, has announced...Read more »

Mining Hardware Manufacturer Bitfury Plans to Go Public

Bitfury, the non-Chinese bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, is reportedly planning to go public in the next 12 months. This would constitute one of the largest listings of a European-based cryptocurrency mining hardware...Read more »

Geographic Distribution Data Shows US Takes Leading Bitcoin Mining Position After China’s Crackdown

After China has reigned for a number of consecutive years as the dominant bitcoin mining epicenter of the world, the United States has “taken the leading position in bitcoin mining,” according to...Read more »