What is EOS in blockchain? Is EOS crypto a good investment?

EOS is a new cryptocurrency pushing the limits of innovation in blockchain technology. They’re the first to develop new and improved platform tradeoffs and high scalability! This article will go into more detail about:

– What EOS is and how it differs from other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, or Bitcoin;

– Why you should give EOS a chance as an investor;

– How to invest in EOS.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! This article holds all the secrets you need to know about investing in EOS coins. To learn more, keep reading.

EOS Blockchain Overview

EOS is a part of the Ethereum blockchain, which is bridged to the Ethereum blockchain. EOS can be used as an Ethereum currency, just like an ETH coin. It helps to improve scalability because of its new architecture. This means your transaction rate gets a lot faster, making intelligent contracts much more practical for all cryptocurrencies. The team behind EOS has also created this incredible API that allows you to use bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies and services. This means that you can use both currencies and services such as Bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple, and many more to communicate with all the other blockchains in real-time with increased efficiency. It is also a new platform built from the ground up. When you buy an EOS coin, you buy part of a blockchain with its own identity and values.

EOS Team & Management

The EOS team comprises some excellent developers who have created some of the most popular applications on major platforms. Their CEO, Daniel Larimer, is responsible for creating Bitshares, Steemit, and many other projects in the cryptocurrency industry. He knows how to develop efficient platforms which can become the leading company in blockchain technology.

The board of directors has a lot of experience in the finance, computer science, and freelance industries. They know how the current financial system works to help EOS users get to where they want to be short.

Investing in EOS

EOS is a blockchain-based platform for companies to build decentralized apps without sacrificing security, scalability, and speed. At the starting price of $5.88 per token, EOS is not very expensive — but it has a lot of potential for people looking to invest in promising technology.

What is EOS?

EOS is a blockchain protocol developed by the Chinese Ethereum (ETH) community. It runs on its blockchain, but EOS tokens can be used to pay for all types of Dapps built on top of it. The main difference between EOS and Ethereum is that all transactions on the network are processed in a single block rather than being split up into smaller units. Compared to Ethereum’s multiple transaction times and high transaction fees, the benefits of that are apparent.

The EOS mainnet was launched in June 2018 and currently has a market capitalization of over $11 billion — dwarfing the likes of ETH and Bitcoin’s market caps combined.

The EOS token is currently trading at around $6.80. Still, as well as being a helpful payment method, EOS can also vote on the development of the network and its future direction.

EOS has been in development for almost two years now, which explains why it has gathered a lot of attention from investors with high expectations. Investors interested in betting that it will ultimately stand up against Ethereum and Bitcoin may find the current price a little disappointing. At over $6, EOS is still relatively cheap for a cryptocurrency, solving scalability and transaction times problems.

But we’ll look into what makes it so promising. First, let’s make a distinction. All investing entails some risk, and you may lose some or all of your initial investment. That said, certain assets come with a higher degree of risk. One example would be investing in cryptocurrencies such as EOS. Before diving into this article, please read the disclaimer below:

In the past year, cryptocurrencies have seen significant growth, including Ethereum and Bitcoin, which grew over 1,000%.

Why should you give EOS a chance as an investor?

Several people get confused when they first hear about EOS because it sounds an awful lot like Ethereum. This is not the case. There are significant differences between Ethereum and EOS, one of which being that Ethereum is a blockchain-based computing system. At the same time, EOS provides us with a blockchain operating system that has the power to carry out more than just simple transactions. It is arguably Way more potent than Ethereum because it can host decentralized applications. The third significant difference was that EOS had been in beta testing since 2017, while Ethereum was first launched in 2015. Lastly, there are many differences between these two blockchains as well.

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that enables Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications to be built and used without downtime, fraud, or third-party interference. It uses blockchain technology to do this and is based on the principles of open-source software development, which means that anyone can review the system’s code or create their version of the software. All transactions through the system are permanent and irreversible. To create an Ethereum token, there must be a segregated account called the MetaMask Account, which the user holds. The tickets are transferred to this account from the history of another ERC20 Token.

The EOS blockchain is different because it is intended to host decentralized Applications instead of Smart Contracts. That being said, EOS can work with Smart Contracts, and it will be using them in the future. EOS doesn’t have any Smart Contract functionality right now because it can’t handle them at this time. Some third-party applications also allow for the development of such contracts on top of their platform.

The reason why EOS can’t handle Smart Contracts yet is that it has to be tested. Its network can support up to about 23 billion transactions per day, so it doesn’t need to be tested on that many trades. EOS would take many years to handle a single transaction per second, which is the standard Smart Contract transaction that the Ethereum blockchain is currently dealing with.

EOS has many other differentiating characteristics in common with Ethereum that you should know before investing in it. The most important one is that the code of the EOS token pre-launch was based on the ETH code, and it was not changed so that it will have the same level of security at launch.

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